Hilliard Bradley High School Theater is home to Troupe #7415 of the International Thespian Society.  All Bradley students are welcome to attend troupe meetings, and by participating in theater, they earn Thespian points.  After participating in enough shows and activities to earn 10 points, students are eligible to become an officially inducted member of the International Thespian Society.  After becoming a Thespian, the students may audition for Thespian State Conference productions and apply for State student officer positions, among other benefits.

The Thespian Motto is "Act well your part, there all honor lies."

Troupe 7415 Inducted Thespians

President: KC Sandy

Vice President: Rylee Hoang

Tech President: Laura Hanks 

Tech Vice President: Corinn Eley

Secretary: Jessica Cline

Costumes/Props: Alex Voght

Public Relations: Audrey Brown

Social Media: Elaina Arthur

Historian: Evan Poff

2020-21 Officers

Aiden Vala

Al Hessler

Alex Voght

Alexander Granville

Amy Johnson

Ashley Ehle

Audrey Brown

Autumn Bernava

Ben Smith

Braden Evans*

Charlie Kaneer

Corinn Eley

Elaina Arthur*

Elijah Qualls

Elizabeth West

Ellis Goodwin

Emma Hampton

Evan Poff

Stay connect with Troupe activities and events

Hope Anderson

Jacklyn Jones

Jessica Cline

Kaitlyn Borgelt

KC Sandy

Kyle Metzler

Laura Hanks

Maura Kelley

Max Ridenour

Mst Tabassum

Nathan Ashbrook*

Nicholas Curran

Olivia Rossi**

Quinn Henoch

Rylee Hoang*

Savannah Montgomery

Shay Roth

Sophia Grounds

Zack Pope