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Hilliard Bradley High School Theater is home to Troupe #7415 of the International Thespian Society.  All Bradley students are welcome to attend troupe meetings, and by participating in theater, they earn Thespian points.  After participating in enough shows and activities to earn 10 points, students are eligible to become an officially inducted member of the International Thespian Society.  After becoming a Thespian, the students may audition for Thespian State Conference productions and apply for State student officer positions, among other benefits.

The Thespian Motto is "Act well your part, there all honor lies."

2023 - 2024

Inducted Thespians

Noha Abu

Abbey Bialek**

Megan Biddle

Ally Boff

Trinity Britt

Annabelle Brock

Audrey Bruntz

Conan Chan

Maggie Fisher

Micah Gallebo

Ben Haskins

Jolie Hoang

Ally Hunt

Reem Kadimi-Skalli

Isabel Kheng-Chindavong 

Katey Kirk

Callene Laslo

Maddy Lawrence

Samantha Lewis
Addison Maley

Gianna Metzler

Jared Morisue-Lesser**
Kira Morisue-Lesser

Leon Norman

Julian Perez

Annabelle Roberts

MaKenna Sandy

Tyler Seymour
Madison Sheard**
Nikolai Thaman 

** Honor Thespian


President - Jared Morisue-Lesser
Vice President - Julian Perez
Tech President - Conan Chan
Tech Vice President - Jolie Hoang
Secretary - Megan Biddle
Public Relations - Madison Sheard
Social Media Manager - Makenna Sandy
Social Media Manager - Fabian Cruz Ramirez
Costume and Props -  Siman Musse
Historian - Samantha Lewis
Shop Manager - Audrey Bruntz

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